I ran across the blog for the American Historical Association: The Professional Association for all Historians by accident while looking for a specific article on the web, and was impressed with the content they provide for history teachers.

American Historical Association
The Professional Association for all Historians

Examples of content they highlight.

January 29th is both the day of Thomas Paine’s birth in 1737 and Robert Frost’s death in 1963. So the EDSITEment calendar links to two different lesson plans: “Background on the Patriot Attitude Toward the Monarchy” (for Paine) and “Poems That Tell a Story: Narrative and Persona in the Poetry of Robert Frost.”

Their blog points out these TED Talks as examples of others that can be found there dealing with history.

TED Talks – http://www.ted.com/

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin speaks on what we can learn from past U.S. presidents
Steven Johnson explains the effects the London cholera outbreak in 1854 had on science and society
Peter Hirshberg takes a look at the history of media and technology in his talk from 2008

Marc Pachter discusses “The Art of the Interview,” after he spent time talking to individuals from “recent American history” for a National Portrait Gallery series he put together

They highlight EDSITEment as a good resource for history teachers


EDSITEment’s Advanced Placement U.S. History Lesson Plans
The Bill of Rights
An EDSITEment Tour of the National Mall
The Statue of Liberty

And… EDSITEment has partnered with Thinkfinity


Another site they point out in their blog

Museum Box
Check out the Thomas Clarkson Box. Clarkson was a figure in the Abolition movement, and Museum Box uses him as an example for how to use the site.